Latin American Ministries (formerly known as Christian Outreach

Mission for Evangelism or C.O.M.E. and Ninos Dominicanos) is a

non-profit Christian organization founded by Billy and Bette Loft.


Our story began in 1978 when we decided to leave the company we were with in Puerto Rico to begin a mission work in the Dominican Republic.  We started by establishing a Boy's Home for orphaned boys which was a need we had seen in our business travels.  Our mission philosophy has always been to meet needs with the ultimate purpose of leading people to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.  This led us to establishing churches.


After several years ministering in Dominican Republic and seeing the churches expand their outreach in their own country, we challenged them to begin reaching outside their "borders".  This step led to the Dominican churches sending their first missionary couple, Damian and Francia Sosa, to Panama.  Realizing the tremendous need to reach other countries with the Gospel we joined forces with another young American missionary couple, Kevin and Kim Dooley, and began an Evangelism Institute Program which was instrumental in training young men and women to establish Christian churches throughout Central America. 


One country however (Nicaragua) was always closed to us until the end of their civil war.  As we were following through with plans to launch a new work in Paraguay South America, God opened up a door much like the Apostle Paul experienced with his "Macedonian call".  Nicaragua was in desperate need of help in re-establishing their country.  Their cry for help caused a "detour" in our road to South America.  With the help of F.A.M.E. (Fellowship of Associates for Medical Evangelism) and many church work groups we built a hospital and school on property donated by the Nicaraguan government. And as foremost and always, we established a church that today is a vibrant body of believers meeting on their own campus and reaching out not only within their own country but worldwide.  Twice they have sent one of their families to mission fields and one young couple from the church has been serving in Spain since 1997.


After trying twice to get to Paraguay our dream was finally realized in 2006 when we partnered with two Brazilian missionary couples and began a new ministry in Ciudad del Este, Paraguay.   This strategic location was chosen as three countries come together at this point.  The long range goal was to see churches established in each major city where these countries meet.  Today strides are being made with a new church plant in Foz do Iguacu, Brazil and plans are underway for starting a work in Puerto Iguassu, Argentina.  In May 2014 we began another partner endeavor with a church plant in Lima, Peru.  A second church was started in Pulcallpa, Peru in 2015.  As an added blessing, these partnerships are with Brazilian missionaries that are second and third generation results of Billy's parents' missionary endeavors in the early 1950's.


As we reach our "golden years" our desire is to continue serving our Lord for as long as He desires.  As with Billy's dad, we plan to "die with our boots on".