Iglesia Cristiana Cuerpo de Cristo

(Body of Christ Christian Church)

           Managua, Nicaragua

The Managua Church is a cell-oriented focused church.  Since its inception in 2002 it has "mothered" 10 churches in Nicaragua.  Governed by a Board of Elders it continues to be on the "cutting edge" of the evangelical churches in Nicaragua. With dynamic worship services it is an uplifting experience for all who visit.  Plans are underway for expanding their ministry with video technology to "satellite" areas around the country.

    Erick and Sira Gutierrez

Siri, Ericka, Denise, Jonathan

            Murcia, Spain

The ministry begun by Bill and Ginny Loft has been under the direction of Erick and Sira since 1997.  Sent by the church in Managua, Nicaragua (their home congregation) Erick and Sira have labored alongside of the Spaniards in ministering to a multi-Hispanic culture.

Daniel and Renata Rodrigues

          David, Amanda

  Ciudad del Este, Paraguay

In 2006 Daniel and Renata, along with another Brazilian missionary couple Jonny and Tatiana Petterson, moved to Paraguay to begin a new church plant.  Daniel and Renata have remained and are involved with this ministry.  Their vision is to see churches established in each of the three bordering countries, Paraguay, Brazil and Argentina. 

Ademir and Nilva Cunha

  Foz do Iguacu, Brazil

Several years ago we challenged Adimir and Nilva to join in the work along the TRI-BORDER area (Paraguay, Brazil and Argentina) and start a church plant on the Brazilian side.  With the blessing of their home church in Gama, Brazil they moved to Foz do Iguacu, and started a church plant in 2014.  LAM partners with them in ministry expenses as needed.


Javier and Eliane Quispe

 Israel, Jonatan, Samuel

           Lima, Peru

Javier and Eliane left a ministry in Belem, Brazil to return to Chosica, Peru (Javier's home) when Javier's dad became ill and unable to care for himself.  They began holding cell group Bible studies which developed into a church nucleus.  LAM teamed up with them in early 2014 and is committed to being a support to them financially and in leadership development.  Plans are for the family to move to Pulcallpa, Peru in 2017 to work with the new church plant started in that city.