Billy and Bette             


Veteran missionaries Billy and Bette Loft have been instrumental in starting over 200 churches in their 34 year ministry. They have worked in Dominican Republic, Panama, Costa Rica, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua and more recently with Brazilian nationals in Paraguay, Brazil and Peru South America. Their work has involved medical outreach, schools, "street children" ministries, sponsorship for educational aid, trade and technical training while maintaining their focus on establishing churches.  Upon the death of Billy's dad and his mother's stroke, Latin American Ministries assumed the oversight of Bill Loft Mission (his parents' ministry in Spain).  


Billy, son of Bill and Ginny Loft (pioneer missionaries to Brazil), was born on the Amazon in Belem, Brazil and grew up in Taguatinga (Brasilia) until he entered the military serving in the US Army.  Bette growing up in upstate New York was raised with a heart for missions by Christian parents.  After graduating from Ozark Christian College in Joplin Missouri she began teaching at a mission school in Puerto Rico where she met Billy.  They were married in Puerto Rico and worked in business for several years before beginning their ministry in 1980.